World’s Most Thrilling Bike Routes

  • Great Divide Route, North America

This route is called the most perfect mountain biking route in the world.

The route crosses the Continental Divide, from Banff in southern Canada to the Mexican border.

  • Carretera Austral

Over 1,000 km, this mountain biking trail passes largely unpaved roads.

This stunning route passes through the mountainous region of Patagonia dotted with rivers, lakes and mountains.

  • Danube Cycle Path

Apart from going along the Danube River, this cycling route also passes through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. The River flows for 2.896 KM through the heart of Europe.

This route is perfect for families or those who are new to cycling, with most routes on flat and paved tracks.

smiling 45 years old businesswoman cycling on her electric bicycle on bridge in office district in Vienna on summer dayDanube Cycle Path. (istockphoto / amriphoto)

  • Otago Central Rail Trail, New Zealand

The Otago Rail Trail is a 160 km cycling trail that runs from Clyde to Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island.

This route follows the former Otago Central Railway Expect train route and offers views of the mountains, canyons and old gold mining towns.

  • Munda Biddi Trail, Australia

The Munda Biddi Trail is said to be the world’s longest off-road cycling trail, running 965 km in Western , Mundaring to Albany.

This route is more suitable for experienced off-road cyclists.

  • Pacific Coast, United States

Also known as Route 1, the Pacific Coast Highway is America’s most popular cycling route, for both amateurs and professionals.

Coastal scenery can be enjoyed when crossing the route along the 1,690 km, from the northern border of California with Oregon to its southern border with Mexico.

The Hague, Netherlands – January 29, 2020: cyclist in the dunes along the Dutch coast near The HagueNorth Sea Cycle Route. (istockphoto / GAPS)

  • Land’s End to John o ‘Groats, England

This route, known as LEJog or JoGLE, can be enjoyed by both amateur and professional cyclists.

The route can start from the southernmost point on mainland England and go to the northernmost, or vice versa,

Just choose, want to cross 1,287 km or 1,609 km.

  • C2C (Sea to Sea), UK

This cycling route runs from the Irish Sea to the North Sea across northern England.

This 225 km route passes through the Lake District, including the towns of Keswick and Penrith, and crosses the Pennines to Stanhope and the North Sea.

The terrain is hilly and can be completed in one to four days (or more depending on ability).

  •  Silk Road, Asia

The Silk Road is a cycling route full of history that requires more preparation before crossing it.

The route stretches for about 8,000 km, crossing Istanbul to Beijing.

It is called historic because in ancient times people passed this route to peddle their wares from and to the East, both through the mountains and rivers.

The scenic beauty along the route is beyond doubt.

  • North Sea

Extending 6,000 km along the North Sea coastline and through seven countries, including Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Most of the routes are on dedicated bike paths or trails, which means they are suitable for all types of cyclists.

Most cyclists will take about three months to complete, although shorter routes are also available.

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