Links to Other Cycling Organisations


Listed below are other organisations with which the club, or its members, have associations. A left click on the logo will take you direct to their site. Organisation with an asterisk (*) are umbrella organisations whose membership provide the necessary insurance cover required as part of the rules of membership of Cycle Club Bexley. It is necessary to join only one of these, although it is up to you if you wish to belong to more than one.

Cyclists’ Touring Club. *

Britains largest cycling organisation with over 50,000 individual members throughout the British Isles and overseas. Founded in 1878 as the Bicycle Touring Club it has promoted recreational and utility cycling and protected cyclists’ rights. The bi-monthly magazine Cycle Touring and Campaigning is issued free to members as well as travel and technical advice, insurance and district associations.



British Cycling. *

Formally known as the British Cycling Federation, this is the body to join for the serious racing cyclist. British Cycling is involved in the organisation of road, track and MTB racing and members have access to their network of coaching and training facilities. There are three levels of membership, bronze, silver and gold. The silver and gold levels provide the necessary third party insurance.


London Cycling Campaign. *

The London Cycling Campaign was set up specifically for the cyclist that regularly rides the streets of London. They actively promote the welfare and rights of cyclists on the streets of London campaigning for better and safer cycling in London.




Cycling Time Trials.

Now the official operating name of the Road Time Trials Council, (RTTC) this is the national governing body for cycling time trials held, usually, on open roads. Cycle Club Bexley is affiliated to the RTTC, and members may ride events promoted under its regulations.


The Tricycle Association.

Believe it or not there are many in our club who believe that dragging three wheels around with you is better than dragging two and belong to this tribe. Many are in their somewhat senior years, so perhaps it is a sign of “full circle” after starting their years awheel playing skittles with pedestrians while still in short pants. In any case, many ride time trials on their trikes and it is a great organisation for social activities.