Club Events for 2003

The club events calander finished with the 50 mile time trial on August 31st. Winners are:-

Distance Event Date Course Winner Time
25 mile TT Wigmore CC 11th May Q25/12 Brian Debonnaire 1 hr 07 min 44 sec.
50 mile TT Kent CA 31stAugust Q50/1 Chris Bramwell (trike) 2hr 32 min 29sec.
100 mile TT Kent CA 29th. June Q100/5 Chris Bramwell (trike) 4hr 43 min 25 sec
12 hour TT Kent CA 3rd August Q12/2 Chris Bramwell (trike) 210.222 miles
Hill Climb Club 27th. August Stanstead Hill Chris Bramwell 1 min 42 sec
freewheel Contest Club 27th. August Stanstead Hill Mick Morris N/A

Best All Rounder competion as at 31st August 2003 is as follows:-

Class Rider Best 10 Best 25 Best 50 Best 100 Av. Speed Placing
Dave Morris N/A 1:00:33 2:08:56 5:02:56 22.616mph 1
Mick Morris 23:39 1:00:09 2:10:40 N/A 24.422mph 1
Mid Distance
Dave Morris 24:03 1:00:33 2:08:56 N/A 22.615mph 2

The Speedwell Trophy for the fastest “25” of the season is currently Ian Finch with 58 min 52 sec.

The list will be updated as information is obtained

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